The Antigua Forum’s “Disruptor Series” Contest:

Advancing Economic Freedom at the State and Local Level

State Policy Network is a U.S. nonprofit that promotes personal freedom and economic liberty by advancing policies that solve real problems. It works with high-performing, independent think tanks, community leaders and activists to develop and advance these polices at the state level.

In support of these efforts, the Antigua Forum is holding a contest that will award $10,000 to the organization and entrepreneur with the best disruptive project to significantly advance personal freedom and economic liberty at the state or local level. The award will be used to finance the winner’s participation at the next Antigua Forum gathering, on January 17-20, 2019.

The winner will have completed the online application process which includes answering a few simple questions, reviewing material related to the Antigua Forum and determining its relevance to his/her project, then successfully presenting a two-page summary that describes how his or her organization’s project would benefit from participation at the next Antigua Forum gathering.

Candidates should complete the entire three-step application process by September 17th, 2018.


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